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Thymovit E Cream reduces blemishes in mature skin and supports natural skin regeneration. Rich Thymus Vulgaris Extract has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, enhances blood flow and allows the skin to detoxify. It also tightens the skin for a more balanced, beautiful complexion.

Thyme is highly antibacterial and fights infections. Skin impurities after puberty are generally caused by hormones. During pregnancy, skin can change dramatically, becoming drier or developing blemishes. Fluctuating hormones after pregnancy can also cause varying skin conditions. Starting with an increased lipid and moisture content, it increases oxygenation and provides antibacterial and anti-inflammatory active ingredients. Thymus Vulgaris supports skin detoxification and gently boosts blood flow. It increases the overall supply of oxygen, clarifying the skin to rosy freshness.


SKU: 1031
  • Skin that has become dry and is prone to blemishes as well as blemish-prone skin that has become dry and sensitive due to harsh treatment. Mature skin prone to blemishes due to hormone imbalances.

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